National Scope Investigations utilizes covert techniques and cutting-edge profiling methods to investigate and videotape evidence of an individual’s daily activity levels.

Our equipment is the most advanced in the field. NSI HD camcorders to 4K covert equipment, paired with a proprietary video editing process; our final product is simply unmatched.


  • All NSI investigators must pass our six-month apprenticeship program with a 95% or higher before handling a case in the field. We strive to have the most rigorous training program in the industry.
  • Each investigator is assigned specific Counties. This gives our team a thorough grasp of his or her territory.
  • NSI supplies each investigator with their own equipment to ensure consistency from state to state.
  • NSI has over 200 (+) investigators strategically placed throughout the U.S.

NSI Case Management

  • NSI supports our investigative team and clients with industry proven, experienced professionals to manage their cases.
  • Communication between the investigator, case manager, and our clients are vital to a successful investigation.
  • Daily written or verbal updates are provided to all clients.

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