Leadership Team

Patrick Calvin Therrien

Chief Executive Officer

Pat Therrien is the CEO & Founder of National Scope Investigations (NSI). Patrick started out in the insurance industry as a Private Investigator when he was 21 years of age. He then transitioned into adjusting claims in Boston, MA to further develop his knowledge of the insurance industry. Soon after, the opportunity to sell insurance services on a national scale presented itself. Patrick traveled throughout the U.S. further developing his industry knowledge throughout the inspirational colleagues and mentors he met along the way. Finally, Patrick landed in Laguna Beach California, where he spent just over three years marketing from San Diego to Sacramento, Colorado and Las Vegas. During his travels, Patrick was ultimately inspired by an entrepreneur living in Irvine, CA. Throughout this apprenticeship, National Scope Investigations was born! Patrick decided to move back home where his career started in Boston, MA and follow his dream: “I want to create a company our employees can build a future with & truly feel rewarded with their careers.”


Dan Guarino Lead Investigator

Dan Guarino

Lead Investigator

Daniel got his start in fraud management after a long journey throughout several different industries. During his youth, he cut his teeth in the food service industry before graduating from Mount Ida College with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Post-college, Daniel following a career path that took him everywhere from customer service call centers, to transportation scheduling; marketing throughout New England, to compliance work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Throughout all the many fields Daniel has traversed, he became undeniably alert to, and troubled by the fact that there was virtually no industry untouched by fraud. Utilizing skills built from his work experience and education, mixed with a lifelong passion for investigating; Daniel began a whole new journey, that has lead him to National Scope Investigations.